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I have a YouTube channel with numerous videos on political, economic or scientific topics. I give a few below, but you may be better to go directly to

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Selected Videos


Talk on democracy given in Sweden in Nov 2010, this zip archive includes the audio as an mp3 plus the transcript of the audio as a pdf.

Debate with Francis Spufford
this is a recording of a discussion with  Professor Francis Spufford at the Edinburgh Book Festival in 2010 associated with the launch of his book Red Plenty about Soviet Cybernetics. The podcast starts with an introduction by the science fiction author Ken Macleod, and then Francis speaks and then me ( for those who do not recognise our voices).
My review of his book is here.

My theoretical discussion of Kantorovich and Soviet cybernetics is in Mises, Kantorovich and Economic Computation .

Children’s Stories

As they were actually told in Jan-Feb 2009, these were stories that I told to my children to send them to sleep, or scare them out of their wits. I made the stories up as I went along which accounts for the slight delays as I speak.

Cows on the Campsies — Inspector Mctaggart investigates deaths of cows on the Campsies

Maluscox — Inspector Mctaggart investigates a familiar old fairy story

May Queen — another disguised fairy tale

Video & Audio