Polemic from the 1970s

Polemic from the 1990s

During this period I was active in the Workers Party of Scotland

Polemic from the 2000 to 2010

  • Democracy without Politicians, Dave Zachariah, a defence of direct democracy.
  • Ideas of Leadership and Democracy, A critique of the idea of leadership in revolutionary movements and how it relates to mass democracy.
  • Marxism of the 21st Century An article originally published in German in Junge Welt in 2007. A call for the development of a new working class political economy.
  • Sten Ljunggren is worried both by our general proposals for direct democracy and by our advocacy of a system of central planning. This response is in five sections. The first puts the debate into the context of what we see as the key features of the communist mode of production. The second deals with the question of control theory, and replies to Ljunggren’s doubts about the use of computer models in planning. The third section puts forward our critique of market socialism and the fourth response to Ljunggren’s argument that a planning system cannot be as flexible as the market since it supposedly cannot replicate the horizontal links between enterprises found in market systems. The final section points out the differences between our conceptions and the planning mechanisms in the former Soviet Union, responding to Ljunggren’s claim that there is not much new in our economic ideas.

Polemic after 2010

Many of these are reproduced from my blog at paulcockshott.wordpress.com but in downloadable pdf form.

Around the Scottish Referendum

  • Pre Referendum Notes amended 17 sept 2014
  • Examines the risks and advantages of different currency options post-referendum.
  • This is a review of a proposal raised by the New Economics Foundation for the establishment of digital currency to run in parallel with Sterling in Scotland. I would characterise the proposal as a form of utopian capitalism. I will argue that the proposal has several flaws, and should be assessed in a sober and realistic fashion.
  • Comments on insecurities in the referendum vote  Analysis of where the Scottish referendum may have had openings for a buse.  The outcome of the Scottish independence referendum was bound to disappoint many voters. Even so, there is something unusual and unsettling about the level of discontent that warrants consideration. There have been thousands of complaints to the electoral commission and an e-petition has been posted. This cannot be ignored.

Polemic post Brexit